Tying the knot, or just an occasion or an event? allows you to actually pick out the presents that you want people to give you and that you'll treasure. Be it your wedding, birthday, baby shower, new home or any important celebration in your life, your friends and family may want to mark the occasion with a special gift.

Through why not set up a gift registry and save them time, money and energy, by taking all the stressful guesswork out? You will guarantee you receive meaningful and useful gifts you love and treasure. What's even better is that you will make it tremendously stress free for your guests to shop and additionally guarantee no duplications.

Hassle free Happy gifts - The new art of gifting! The perfect constant, everyday reminder of your special day.

Why opt for the Mythofa Gift List?

  • It's free - right through from registration to delivery
  • You'll find a huge range of gifts for all the important life events, and you can add vouchers, holidays and charity donations to your list too
  • We keep track of your gifts to help you write your personalised thank you notes
  • We can even help create a memory book of your special day