Cast Iron Cooking

Cast Iron Cooking


I was speaking to my mother about my iron deficiency result I had just received. Yes, I was complaining about having to start taking iron tablets when she mentioned having always used cast iron pans and spoons when she was growing up. Yes, she gave me the whole spiel about her diet being healthier and her fruits and vegetables being home grown as well, you know "back in the day."

Putting that aside, using cast iron cookware peeked my interest. So I did a quick research.
Apparently, she's onto something. Up to 80% of our daily iron intake can be consumed when cooking in an iron pan. How interesting…
If this is true, why didn't I hear about this earlier or pay attention rather?

While researching online I came across the negatives of using metal pots and pans and basic cutlery. How the metals ions from the pan when heated leach into our food producing toxins which in the long run can cause health issues. Who wants that right? No Thank You! So instead please research ‘Using cast iron cookware rather than metal, non stick and aluminium cookware’ - It's a very interesting read. 

Stainless steel is still a good option. It can be pricy though. 
On that note, cast iron pans are cheaper. Very useful information I thought. 

Obviously there are pros and cons to all our choices: 
Iron cookware can be heavy and may need extra taking care of to protect from rust and such. 
However, food cooks better, increases our iron intake, cast iron pans can be used in the oven and is easy to clean. 

Now it's times to shop! Let's find these bad boys:
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Hope you found this useful and interesting!

Happy Occassion…


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