Gift Wrapping

And so begins gift wrapping time…
Have you ever wondered where and when this originated?

If you have ever thought back to the first Christmas, perhaps it might strike you that all the gifts carried by the Three Wise Men never required wrapping, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. That’s probably also why they were called 'wise'!

Wise Men

If gift wrapping were left to the wiser men today, most gifts would have the bottom half peeping out inconspicuously or creatively covered in just sellotape to bridge the gap, because through a man’s mind runs the question, “why on earth would you wrap a gift just for the other person to rip it off?" Women on the other hand are more naturally skilful at gift wrapping and probably enjoy it too. I have heard men asking if a womans gift wrapping skills and ability to go through child birth call for the same strengths.

Gifts Gifts

Anyway, once your gift list has been ticked off and the gift pile is there ready for further action, you need to set aside a time and place where you ?will be uninterrupted to wrap the gifts. It is usually a good idea to have a helping hand around, a patient one at that! Oh and before which, of course, do not forget the traditional hunt for the ever-evasive stars of Christmas gift wrapping sessions - those shapely scissors and the sellotape! As they run and hide from every place you were sure you saw them, and when you do eventually lasso them in, if you listen very carefully you might even be able to hear the end of the sellotape say in a soft playful tone "get me if you can" and so off you go, using your carefully manicured nails (which were just done at a huge expense (ssh!) for the festive season), you scratch and pull and peer with squinted eyes until - stop, Aha! you have got the end that wrinkles up with a small scratch and as you pull triumphantly it tears off into an oddly shaped quadrilateral that is barely a few mm in length, Hmmph! Off you go again.


Keep all the necessary items ready beside you, a bin handy for the snippets and a flask full of hot coffee for some refreshment when you need a break. And...
If you do all your gift wrapping in one go and still have all the hair on your head for that special Christmas hairdo - Well Done!!

Here are a few of my gift wrapping suggestions/essentials:

Wishing you a very merry Christmas. Happy Occasion!

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