Gifting Children

Children are exposed to a world of goodies compared to our times and often know exactly what they want well ahead of the season.

Gifts for Kids

0-12 months - a period of development of the five senses. look for toys that stimulate exploration, for eg- rattles, play gyms etc.

Chhote Janab Baby Play Gym

Novicz Baby Mat Playmat

1 year and above - This is the age where the child begins to get mobile. So exploration covers a wider area, while eye hand coordination becomes finer. Colourful Toys like pull- alongs , building blocks etc are a great choice.

Gifts for Kids

SahiBuy Drum Keyboard

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle

Little's Junior ring

3 years and above - a child of this age would be much more creative with their imagination and be able to concentrate for longer periods. So building up games and dressing up outfits are perfect.

Gifts for Kids

Bunchems Mega Pack

Pie Face Game

OFUN Kid's 3D Dinosaur Backpack

Spider-Man costume

Elsa Princess Costume

6 years and above - and are able to talk and read by now. Books and creative activities would be ideal for this age group.

Gifts for Kids

Zinc street glider (clip on for shoes)

SPORTSOUL Kid's Boxing Set

EMOB Solar Powered Robot Toy

Nail Polish Art Foil Decoration Stamping.

Wireall Minions Earphones

Older children will have more specific gender related interests and are usually more vocal about what they want, that itself being a guide as to what you could gift them.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Music
  • Make up
  • Jewellery
  • Bath sets
  • Spa treatments
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Musical Instruments
  • Something nice for their rooms
  • Outdoor activities- skateboard, wheelies, scooter, bicycle etc.

Happy Gifting!


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