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MyThofa.com is a UK inspired online gift registry with a lot of catered features. You can make a wish list of gifts you would like from any on-line store in India (barring a few t's & c's), send this wish list to your friends and family, wait for these wonderful gifts to be bought by them and delivered to your door. As if saving your friends and family (or colleagues, classmates, wedding guests etc.) from time and energy spent choosing the wrong gift isn't good enough, we help avoid duplications, ensure no gifts are lost at the event and guarantee a stress free experience.

Rest assured, there are NO hidden charges.

Also, we have gift vouchers, we cater to corporate occasions, crowdfunding opportunities (great for graduation or destination weddings or a jubilee birthday/anniversary or a honeymoon etc) and if 'presents in blessings only' is a must, choose a charity your 'guests' can safely donate to, using MyThofa.com.

PS - you will love our photo gallery option.

Happy special occasion!

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