A Successful Spiderman Party? It’s All In The Detail!

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My son will soon be celebrating his 3rd birthday and his current obsessions include lawn mowers, Peppa Pig and Spiderman. 

At first I thought I could have a lawn mower theme party but my husband said "Erm, no! What would he wear, dirty jeans and muddy boots? No! Choose Spiderman."

So here we are…

The party will be at our house and we are going to invite 8 little ones to come along. When creating special memories for young children it’s all about the visual aspect so it's important to have lots of props - time to get creative!

To get me started I’ve been shopping for a few items including a Spiderman banner, some B00XEBOZQM Spiderman bunting, and some red and blue balloons.

To decorate the table I’ve picked up some a Spiderman table cloth, some plates, cups and napkins.

To make life a little bit easier I found these fantastic pre-made ‘loot bags’ although I’ll add some extra Haribos.

To get into the Spiderman mood I’d love it for everyone to dress up as Spiderman or another superhero, but my son doesn’t actually like dressing up, so he’ll probably go with a Spiderman hoody and teeshirt.

A party has to have fun games, music and dancing! So we’ll have musical statues, pass the parcel and pin the spider on the web as well as making our own Spiderman masks. I’ve given my husband the job to organise this aspect of the party!

To even out all the cake and sweets we’ll have some venomous berries (a mix of cranberries, strawberries and raspberries).

I’d love to bake my own cake - but as an inexperienced baker (and a 1 year old running around) I’m increasingly tempted with going down the shop bought route…

Don’t forget the candles!

With so much to think about I wonder what I’ve forgotten?

I would love to hear how you organise and shop for your themed parties.


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